Product Innovation

TouchTour by Engrain

Engrain is at the forefront of touch technology for commercial real estate. We collaborate with leaders in the industry to craft an interactive experience—making property information more visual, more meaningful, and more accessible. Our award-winning TouchTour® systems serve as the focal point of an integrated “information ecosystem.” We offer increased visibility through custom design, branded websites, email-and SMS-based information sharing, and compatibility with property management, lead tracking, and other software systems.


LiveRoof® system

With its unique patent pending Soil Elevators™ and Moisture Portals™, the LiveRoof® system gives you the monolithic look and function of a mature conventional plant-in-place green roof system with the turn-key benefits of a modular system. LiveRoof® is an integrated system designed by growers in conjunction with experts in the field of architecture, roofing, logistics, and ergonomics.

LiveRoof Texas, LLC

Metal Sales™

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is the premier nationwide provider of metal panels for the design and construction community. Durable, recyclable metal roof and wall panels incorporate cool pigment technology that resists solar heat gain, improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Metal Sales™ has the expertise to address today’s challenges in high-performance, sustainable and Net-Zero building for new construction and retrofit. Its products can contribute to sustainable building certifications including LEED® and the Living Building Challenge. For 52 years, Metal Sales has delivered metal roof, wall and fascia panels from its 21 facilities throughout the U.S.

Metal Sales™ Manufacturing Corporation