Energy Efficient Technology


Draper’s FlexShade window shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy required to cool the building. Motorized window shades can automatically adjust to compensate for the changing shade requirements throughout the day.

Draper, Inc.

ChargePro Charging Station

SemaConnect is a leading developer and producer of smart networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and sophisticated software for EV station owners..


UltraMax® II

Using TOTO’s industry-leading Double Cyclone technology, the Ultramax® II 1G harnesses the power of water and gravity to provide an efficient and balanced flush. It uses just a gallon of water per flush—saving you 35 percent more water on average over a standard 1.6 GPF. The sleek one-piece design is protected by our patented Sanagloss® glaze which keeps the surface free of debris, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring long-life durability.




Kingston Block & Masonry Supply manufactures its environmentally friendly concrete product line with Pozzotive®—a sustainable, high performance Supplementary Cementitious Material made entirely from regionally recovered, postconsumer recycled glass. Pozzotive® replaces a percentage of the Portland cement in Kingston Block’s concrete mix design to cut CO2 gas emissions, divert glass from landfills, reduce the need for virgin mined materials, and support local economy.

Kingston Block 

Kitchenaid® 24” 5-Cycle/6-Option Dishwasher, Architect Series II

Designed with the AquaSense™ Recycling System, an industry-first feature that results in 33 percent less water consumption without a sacrifice to cleaning and drying. AquaSense™ technology recycles water from the dishwasher’s final rinse cycle and uses it in the next load’s pre-rinse cycle. Fresh water is then used to finish the cleaning cycle. A 2014 PCBC POP Award Winner!


Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings

Highly reflective and emissive cool roofs reduce energy demands while extending roof life with superior weatherability and flexibility. A-300 Finish is a CRRC® rated and ENERGY STAR® listed highly elastomeric coating offering heat relief, cost relief, thermal shock relief, and leak relief. For metal roofs, add rust relief. It has initial solar reflectance values of up to 86 percent, three year aged values up to 72 percent, plus emissivity values of 91 percent.

Mule-Hide Products Co., Inc.

Emergi-Lite Mini Inverter

The Emergi-Lite Mini Inverter provides 125W to 720W of emergency power to run emergency lighting equipment, including normally-on LED fixtures. The Mini Inverter is compatible with a real-time monitoring and network management system for emergency lighting, allowing diagnostics, required monthly and annual testing, maintenance logs, and compliance reporting to be automated for even higher levels of reliability. Through wireless communication and building automation, the monitoring and network management system can contribute to green building initiatives.

Thomas & Betts Limited