Future-Facing Green Technology



Green Cedar and Green Slate

has developed a breakthrough, patented process to produce the world’s first ecological synthetic roofing and siding products at competitive prices. Made from waste limestone and recycled plastic—milk bottles and grocery bags—GR Green CedarTM and GR Green SlateTM look natural, cost less than the competition, and can be completely recycled at the end of their 50 plus years of use, making GR’s products not only ecological but also sustainable.

GR Green Building Products Inc.


Eco by Cosentino Countertops

These durable countertops are cradle to cradle certified and come in a variety of colors. They are made of 75 percent recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer glass and bound by an environmentally friendly resin, which comes in part from corn oil.

Eco by Cosentino


Mushroom® Insulation

Ecovative Mushroom® Insulation is a renewable, high-performance, and cost-effective replacement for plastic foams. Ecovative’s process combines agricultural byproducts with fungal mycelium, a natural, self-assembling binder, to literally grow structural rigid insulation.




Design is deconstructed. Inspired by the seamless migration of pattern and interplay of surfaces, our designers looked to fashion, architecture, sculpted art, and textiles for inspiration for this 24×24 carpet tile collection. We were drawn to the seamless migration of pattern from geometric origins to organic textures with raw edges. Color is inherently natural, texture achieved utilizing weighty yarns. Structure finds freedom, raw becomes refined.  

Shaw Contract Group



The SolarWall® technology is a solar air heating system that heats building ventilation air and improves indoor air quality. SolarWall systems deliver huge life-cycle cost savings and require no maintenance over their 30+ year lifespan. They displace 20-50 percent of the traditional heating load and corresponding GHG emissions. 

Conserval Engineering Inc.


Energence® ultra-high-efficiency rooftop unit

The Energence® ultra-high-efficiency rooftop units feature efficiencies up to 13.9 EER and 21.5 IEER, making it the lowest total cost of ownership unit available. The DirectPlus™ blower system, advanced refrigeration system, and ECM outdoor fans help reduce sound levels to 81dBa for quieter operation. The intelligent Prodigy® Control System—with 250+ adjustable parameters to meet almost any design specification—helps make installation, service, and troubleshooting easier than ever. 

Lennox Commercial


Sure-Flex™ KEE HP PVC membranes

Sure-Flex™ KEE HP PVC membranes contain a solid KEE HP (high-performance) plasticizer with a higher molecular weight than standard KEE. Featuring improved aesthetics, enhanced thermal performance, and superior cold temperature flexibility, Sure-Flex KEE HP PVC is an ideal roofing membrane for virtually any job. Additional KEE HP PVC benefits include excellent resistance to chemicals, microbial growth, and dirt pickup, and a high level of dimensional stability. For more information, call 800-479-6832 or visit:   

Carlisle SynTec Systems

The Think® Chair

When Steelcase launched the Think® chair in 2004, it was embraced as a breakthrough innovation in performance and sustainability. As the first Cradle to Cradlecm certified product, it created a higher sustainability product standard across industries. Now the Think chair has been completely redesigned with new materials, technologies and performance capabilities, including an integrated Liveback® System that conforms to users like never before. It still has the familiar Think look completely repackaged as a higher-performing chair. Think is smart, simple and sustainable. Available late 2014.



Essence is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art. Ranging from 8 to 14 feet (2.4 to 4.3 meters) in diameter, Essence was developed to excel both indoors and out. With its high-efficiency, direct drive motor, Essence provides the air movement needed in large spaces like lobbies, pavilions, and music venues to seaside dining and open-air theatres.

Big Ass Fans

Dynamic Glass

The company designs, manufactures, and sells a new generation of architectural dynamic glass that intelligently adjusts in response to external conditions and user preferences, enabling unparalleled control over the amount of light and heat that enters a building.  

View Inc.


AirRenew by CertainTeed is a gypsum board that improves indoor air quality by absorbing VOCs and permanently converting these VOCs into safe inert compounds. The board is also recyclable. AirRenew M2Tech and AirRenew Extreme provides moisture and mold resistance.