Greenbuild Products

20 kW automatic standby generator

The KOHLER 20 kW automatic standby generator ensures homeowners are prepared for power outages, which have become more frequent in recent years and cost U.S. consumers up to $150 billion each year in spoiled food and medicines, flooded basements, frozen pipes, and hotel stays.  Designed to protect today’s sophisticated electronics, a KOHLER generator runs on liquid propane or natural gas and automatically restores power within 10 seconds after detecting a utility power outage. It offers quiet operation, a non-corrosive enclosure, remote monitoring capabilities through a laptop or mobile device, and a five-year warranty.

Kohler Co.

Phuzion™ LED high bay

The Phuzion™ LED high bay, available in 12,000 to 48,000 lumens, provides unprecedented light levels at temperatures up to 65°C. Driver housing can be mounted remotely up to 50 feet away for greater thermal protection, extending the life of the electronics. Marrying the latest in LED technology with legendary Holophane prismatic glass, vertical lighting is improved while horizontal lighting remains strong and uniform. Embedded controls sense occupancy and daylight to provide significant energy savings. Ideal for heavy industrial, light manufacturing, warehousing, and other large indoor spaces.


Integrity Windows and Doors

Integrity Windows and Doors brings its energy efficiency commitment to the next level with a tripane glazing option for Wood-Ultrex casements, awnings, polygons and special shape windows. These windows combine Integrity’s exclusive Ultrex material with three panes of glass and argon gas to create the ultimate in performance, beauty and strength. Wood-Ultrex windows using tripane glass offer all of Integrity’s current design and hardware options. And like all Integrity products, Wood-Ultrex casements and awnings with the tripane glass option are delivered to the dealer in an industry-leading 10 days.

Integrity Windows and Doors

Silicone Air Barrier System

The Dow Corning® Silicone Air Barrier System protects building envelopes from air and moisture with the only water-based 100 percent silicone air barrier on the market. Backed by a system warranty and engineered to resist extreme conditions, this suite of compatible, high-performance silicone technologies provides long-term UV resistance and superior breathability. The components work together to help better protect the entire building envelope, contributing to energy efficiency in both new and remedial construction.

Dow Corning®

Coltlite and Kameleon

The Bilco Company has partnered with industry pioneer Colt to bring dual purpose natural and smoke ventilation products to North America. These products provide innovative and attractive solutions for design professionals and building owners. Full scale, operational models of the Coltlite, a natural louvered ventilator for the façade of a building and the Kameleon natural casement façade ventilator will be on display at the Greenbuild Expo, Booth 2564.

Bilco Company and Colt

RB 500 Roller Shades

Offering the industry’s most comprehensive program, Hunter Douglas Contract’s RB 500 Roller Shades provide the complete package: Beauty, strength, and versatility. Designed to ensure easy installation, safe operation and a long product life, the RB 500 Roller Shade system helps manage light, heat, and energy at the window. Available with our industry-leading range of over 200 high-performance shading fabrics.

Hunter Douglas

Rubberway Sidewalk and Pervious Pavement

Rubberway is a flexible, porous, LEED eligible, unitary paving system made from recycled tires. This sustainable alternative to concrete and asphalt provides valuable stormwater management, has a high solar reflectance, and can aid in reducing the heat island effect. Rubberway systems also encourage deep rooting of trees, reducing trip hazards from cracked sidewalks while making urban trees viable in more places. Rubberway is resilient enough to provide a low slip, spike resistant, comfortable and safe surface, yet firm enough to be suitable for more high impact use and even light vehicular traffic.

Rubberway, Inc.


WaterFence is the answer to the major challenges that have so far made rainwater storage in substantial quantities daunting and rare. It is a convenient and smart rainwater storage and management system that is also an aesthetic fence around a home or commercial building. Rainwater runoff from the roof is directed into 6ft high, 7ft long tank sections. WaterFence can store tens of thousands of gallons, provide for a significant portion of water needs, will have smart controls for autonomous operation, and will also serve as a recirculating water source for roof wetting systems to protect from impending fires.


dB product line

United Plastics Corporation provides an innovative product line for sound control solutions. The technologies developed by United Plastics Corporation that address sound control issues are based on over 25 years of automotive acoustic control experience. They are high performance, low cost, and environmentally responsible. We divert in excess of 20 million pounds of offal from the automotive industry by repurposing it into our products. The dB product line is manufactured from 100 percent recycled material and itself is 100 percent recyclable.

United Plastics Corporation

Insulation Solutions

Johns Manville’s focus on performance inspires its research, design, and manufacturing teams to consistently deliver quality products that promote more comfortable, healthier, energy-efficient environments. The company offers a complete line of innovative insulation solutions, including fiber glass batts and rolls, mineral wool, spray polyurethane foam, blow-in, and polyiso sheathing. With Johns Manville, you can deliver thermal comfort and acoustical performance through a single insulation provider.

Johns Manville

Digital Microgrid

Elecyr makes energy independence practical and painless. Elecyr’s Digital Microgrid dramatically increases the collected solar power available for a home, business, or clustered development. It’s a modular, highly scaleable, plug-and-play system that cuts installation cost and system design by two-thirds, and continues operating even when the grid goes down. Elecyr provides personal energy independence and power security in a turbulent world where future energy availability and pricing is highly uncertain.

Elecyr Corporation

LINX® drinking water systems

Like RO quality water but hate the water waste? LINX® drinking water systems represent a giant leap forward in POU Water treatment, employing the latest technology—electrochemical de-ionization. Using only a small amount of electricity, LINX systems create high quality water for drinking and other uses. The computer-controlled system optimizes performance notifying the user that water quality is being met, when service is needed, and issues audible alarms. Most importantly LINX systems do all this while saving as much as 10,000 gallons of water per year compared to RO. Ideal for home and commercial drinking water systems. Greenbuild Booth #2522.

Pionetics® Corporation