+ Elevating Education

Education @USGBC is giving green building professionals wider and faster access to courses that help them expand their knowledge and maintain their LEED credentials.

+ Healthy Partnership

Green Health Partnership aims to apply the market transformation principles of the green building movement to make health promotion standard within the built environment.

+ Seamless Integration

Touting 27 acres of transit-oriented space, the Blairs Master Plan in downtown Silver Spring may be the future of sustainable urban design.

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We Have the Power!

Fourteen-year-old Panchachon Phommueang from Thailand was the winner of the 2015 Asia Pacific prize of the annual International Children’s Painting Competition organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for her depiction of how renewable energy can be harnessed for the well-being of people on the planet.
Panchachon Phommueang

LEED impact categories

+ building performance

The public schools of Lake Mills are becoming high-performance centers of learning.

+ community

Green design features add a layer of learning to three acclaimed cultural institutions.

+ ecosystems

Biologist and author Janine Benyus shares sustainable, nature-inspired solutions to some of the challenges facing today’s green building professionals.

+ green economy

How parking garages are becoming the newest city parks.



Mayor Kasim Reed

Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia

+ community

Ron Rambo brings a unique approach to green living.

+ professional pulse

Q & A with Jennifer Seydel, executive director of the Green Schools National Network


We Have the Power! Painting by Panchachon Phommueang