+ USGBC Statement

USGBC Statement on Withdrawal
of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement


+ Safeguarding Brazil

Protecting the Amazon’s tropical rainforests has become a multidimensional affair with global implications.

+ Energy Efficiency, Squared

For almost 25 years, ENERGY STAR and USGBC have joined forces to deliver more energy-efficient products, homes, and businesses. The results are all around us.

+ Idea Exchange

LEED User Groups share challenges, opportunities, and best practices in sustainability.

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Together We Can

Inspired by jigsaw puzzles, the wonderfully creative imagination of the students at the Abbey School in Farnham, Surrey—a special needs school for 11-16-year-olds—used tiles to depict the school motto.
Courtesy The Abbey School

LEED impact categories

+ community

Student participation in LEED Lab has far-reaching impacts—from the classroom to the community to the consciousness of tomorrow’s green industry leaders.

+ green economy

Lendlease strives to bring innovative ideas to life.

+ energy

Data centers power our digital lives, using immense amounts of energy to connect people and information around the world. Now, LEED is helping the world’s top data companies find new paths to energy efficiency.



Taryn Holowka

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Advocacy, U.S. Green Building Council

+ community

Students at the country’s oldest public high school are organizing and advocating to combat climate change.

+ professional pulse

Q & A with Felipe Faria, CEO of the Green Building Council Brasil

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+ Durable Design

Design is at once an art form and a scientific pursuit. Good design takes equal parts intuition and education, perception and persistence.

+ Material Matters

USGBC Platinum members are rising to the challenge of designing and making products that last.


Together We Can