special feature: 15 Transformative Years

+ In the LEED

A worldwide lens on 15 LEED-certified projects built in the last 15 years reveals the rating’s versatility, value, and staying power. After 15 years at work in the field, U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification has found applications in settings as diverse as the systems it supports. From a supertall tower in Taiwan to permanent housing for the homeless on Hollywood’s Santa Monica Boulevard to the 26-building university campus of KAUST in Saudi Arabia—LEED ratings of all levels have been achieved on many fronts, both foreign and domestic, and continue building the foundation for future generations.

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America Today, City Building

America Today is ranked as one of the most significant accomplishments in American art of the 1920s. The ten-panel mural for was painted for New York’s New School for Social Research to adorn the boardroom of its International Style modernist building on West 12th Street. In America today, LEED continues to change the way we think, design, build, work, and live. Mural by Thomas Hart Benton

LEED impact categories

+ climate change

100 Resilient Cities program helps urban areas around the globe meet 21st-century challenges.

+ community

Mexico City’s Instituto Thomas Jefferson looks for ways to make its sustainability efforts as impactful as possible.

+ human health

Kaiser Permanente turns to renewable energy to create a healthier environment.

+ sustainable materials

How the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids matters to climate change.



Letter from our leaders

+ community

A St. Louis community offers a faith based response to climate change.

+ advocacy

How Atlanta is leading the South in energy efficiency policy.

+ products

Innovative building products

+ local pulse

Q & A with Mark Ginsberg, senior fellow, USGBC; principal, Ginsberg Green Strategies, LLC