+ Tale of Two Neighborhoods

How two New Orleans’ neighborhoods are resurrected after the most devastating storm in the city’s history.

+ Building for the Flood

Perkins + Will uses resiliency design in the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Boston.

+ Dutch Dialogues

Architectural firm Waggoner & Ball looks to the Netherlands for design solutions for coastal areas.

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The typographical cover with the famous lyrics from the song House of the Rising Sun ties together the culture and determination that represent New Orleans: music, history, rebirth, and rebuilding. Recorded by Louisiana blues artist Lead Belly in 1944. Lead Belly was highly influential to many of the artists we know today, including White Stripes, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Elvis Presley. Harriet Stansall Illustration. www.harrietstansall.com

LEED impact categories

+ ecosystems

Phase 1 of the Audubon Louisiana Nature Center’s new design.

+ climate change

Princeton’s Microgrid proves to withstand the tempest.

+ water resources

Looking into the future of California’s water resources.

+ green economy

Solar electricity is introduced to rural India.



Letter from our leaders

+ community

One Louisiana school takes the Green Challenge.

+ advocacy

A new rating system for multifamily housing proves a win for real estate developers and residents alike.

+ product innovation

Greenbuild products.

+ local pulse

Q & A with Charles Allen, director of the Coastal and Environmental Affairs for the City of New Orleans.