+ Road to Resiliency

Architects and engineers design for the world’s highest at-risk region for natural disasters.

+ Last Great Adventure

World renowned explorer and environmentalist Sebastian Copeland witnesses the effects of climate change up close.

+ Tread Lightly

Water Restoration Certificates have revolutionized the way businesses and corporations are able to conserve our most precious commodity.

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Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic

Few landscapes convey Nature in all of its untamed splendor like the Arctic. Fewer still conjure respect like the seldom traveled and ethereal North Pole. Yet, sadly, this largely pristine and mostly misconceived treasure is now in jeopardy. Through his photography, Sebastian Copeland hopes to foster awareness and a market transformation toward a sustainable future.

Photo © 2015 Sebastian Copeland. All rights reserved.

LEED impact categories

+ community

Once a defunct naval shipyard, Century Villages of Cabrillo supports a diverse community of once-homeless individuals and families.

+ community

Environmental Charter Schools challenge their students to examine how they think about the environment.

+ ecosystems

The memorial park at the United Airlines Flight 93 crash site incorporates sustainable building elements in a natural setting.

+ sustainable materials

The American Chemistry Council strives to promote safe, sustainable, and responsible supply chains.



Letter from our Leaders
Mayor Eric Garcetti
City of Los Angeles, California

+ community

Eco-Tech Makerspace is this year’s Greenbuild Legacy Project.

+ advocacy

General Services Administration has adopted SITES, a rating system that takes sustainability outside and into our landscapes.

+ local pulse

Q & A with Kevin Hydes


Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic. Photo © 2015 Sebastian Copeland. All rights reserved.