+ Green Mountain City

Burlington, Vermont, is completely powered by renewable energy and on track to become a net-zero city.

+ Retraining American Workers for Green Energy Jobs

In coal country and elsewhere across the United States, workers are signing up to learn the necessary skills for jobs in clean energy.

+ The Platinum Corridor

A Philadelphia developer builds one of the nation’s most sustainable urban neighborhoods.

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The Workers’ Climate Plan, by Iron & Earth

Iron & Earth is a Canadian initiative led by oilsands workers committed to building Canada’s energy future by creating job opportunities and retraining workers for clean energy projects.

Courtesy Iron & Earth
To learn more visit: www.ironandearth.org

LEED impact categories

+ community

Architect, policy maker, and green school champion Joseph da Silva advocates for integration and collaboration on every front.

+ ecosystems

Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Center makes significant strides in its conservation and education efforts using its new LEED Platinum building as a vehicle.

+ green economy

A spotlight on the first LEED-certified steel production mill in the world.



Senator Patrick Leahy

U.S. Senator of Vermont; Vice Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee

+ advocacy

David Matiella is a champion of sustainability in the Lone Star State.

+ professional pulse

Q & A with Amira Hassan, Green Globes professional and Green Classroom professional


The Workers’ Climate Plan by Iron & Earth