+ Big Red State. Big Green Market.

Five of Texas’s cities demonstrate a strengthening commitment to sustainability in the nation’s largest red state..

+ Beantown, Greentown

In a city steeped in revolutionary spirit, Boston Properties pushes the boundaries of sustainable design.

+ Wicked Smart

The city of Boston is working with outside agencies, private businesses, and area universities to use data to improve quality of life for residents.

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Gregg Gordon’s one color silk screen collage of the many famous sites and imagery from one of the oldest cities in the United States: Boston. Since founding GIGART in 1996, Gregg Gordon’s artwork has been seen on TV, featured in magazines and newspaper publications, and utilized as an integral part of a number of national ad campaigns and concert merchandising efforts.

By Gregg Gordon | GIGART.COM

LEED impact categories

+ community

Social equity and sustainable development are the driving forces behind the Dudley Neighborhood Community Land Trust.

+ ecosystems

Projects implementing LEED are poised to leverage the shared advantages of complementary rating systems.

+ green economy

Investment banks bridge the gap and help fund the future of climate-resilient infrastructure.



Mahesh Ramanujam

President and CEO, USGBC & GBCI

+ community

Kohler’s innovative ways to treat wastewater in developing nations.

+ advocacy

A look at COP 23 and action items to combat climate change.

+ professional pulse

Q & A with Dr. Atyia Martin, CEM Chief Resilience Officer, Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Racial Equity

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+ Founding Farmers offers restaurant-goers a taste of sustainability

DC’s first LEED Gold restaurant honors the farm-to-table concept with a design that is both natural and sophisticated.

+ Napa’s Odette Estate Winery proves red and green make a sustainable pairing

Organic grapes plus LEED construction makes for a final glass that both tastes good and you can feel good about drinking.


Boston, by Gregg Gordon | GIGART.COM