+ Building Curriculum

Virginia Beach City Public Schools goes to the head of the class, integrating sustainability into their buildings as well as classroom teachings.

+ Nets at Work

One organization saves marine and coastal ecosystems through economic value, environmental stewardship, and social leadership.

+ Practical Knowledge

University students receive hands-on training through the LEED Lab program.

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Students re-envision their neighborhood through illustration. During Artist Danyett Tucker’s mural residency program at Hamilton Elementary/Middle School, students celebrated their community by remodeling Main Street and adding their own businesses. The students created all of the drawings and then Tucker collaged their individual efforts together to create the scene that now proudly covers their lunchroom wall. Courtesy of Hamilton Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, MD.

LEED impact categories

+ climate change

 Pittsburgh aims to reduce its energy consumption by 2030.

human health

Kaiser Permanente’s community outreach offers healthy offerings for its neighbors in Oakland.


StopWaste attains first LEEDv4 Platinum certification in the country.



Letter from our leaders

+ community

USGBC’s Inland Empire brings sustainability to its residents.

+ advocacy

Sustainability in Louisville is all about taking the reins.

+ product innovation

Better Building Products.

+ global pulse

Green Building in China.

Mural of Main Street, 2014; Courtesy Hamilton Elementary/Middle School