+ Monumental Green

The federal government sets the bar high for sustainability around the nation’s capital.

+ Global Green Building

South Korea had developed one of the greenest cities on the planet.

+ America’s Greenest College Town

Washington, D.C.’s institutions of higher learning are graduating to new heights of sustainability.

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Monumental Core Framework Plan

The Framework Plan builds on the extraordinary assets of Washington, D.C., to address the social, cultural, economic, and environmental needs of the 21st century. The Framework Plan aims to create locations for future cultural destinations, introduce a mix of uses, revitalize stagnant areas, establish a new “eco-district,” and transform the Washington experience.
National Capital Planning Commission and the US Commission of Fine Arts

LEED impact categories

+ climate change

A conversation with Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert on the subject of the health of our planet.

+ community

Eco-Conscious real estate developer EYA builds homes for the betterment of all.

+ ecosystems

The Metro Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority of Monrovia, California, adopts sustainable design principals despite the seemingly limited options./p>

+ green economy

A look at green building adoption in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.



Letter from our leaders

+ community

A food bank, plus a demonstration garden, plus an outdoor classroom equals a recipe for feeding the capital’s hungry.

+ local pulse

Q & A with Kevin Kampschroer, GSA chief sustainability officer and senior climate change adaption official; federal director, office of federal high-performance green buildings.


Watercolor Rendering of the Washington, D.C., Mall By Aecom/McCann