+ Emerging LEED

Cities that are emerging as leaders in sustainability are changing the environmental landscape of these places.

+ Global LEED

LEED is not confined to one or two specific geographic regions or economic zones, but rather is spreading far and wide globally.

+ Best of LEED

The world’s most widely used green building rating system ranks the Top 10 States of LEED square footage per capita.

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This illustration captures the possibilities of a transformative movement. These iconic city skylines represent the global movement of LEED as it continues to expand—reaching more than 150 countries worldwide. Artist Melissa McGill has worked as a mixed media artist since 1993. Multi-layered, luminous images that combine industry and nature are her trademark. Her client list includes Sony, Time, San Francisco Chronicle, Adobe, Graphique De France, Elle and more. Illustration by Melissa McGill. www.melissamcgill.com

LEED impact categories

human health

Chairman of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen is a champion of good health practices.

green economy

Benchmarking sustainability is a win-win for global real estate investors.

+ community

LEED steps into the arena of social equity with its newly launched pilot credits.

sustainable materials

A new partnership between the USGBC and UL sheds light on product transparency.



Letter from our leaders

+ community

The USGBC’s Texas Gulf Coast Chapter is making inroads into middle-class green living.

+ product

Innovative building products

+ local pulse

Q & A with Greg Shank, chair of the LEED Steering Committee

Illustration by Melissa McGill. www.melissamcgill.com