Partnership Is the New Leadership

Mahesh Ramanujam

President and CEO

Every single day, I wake up invigorated by the spirit and strength of the work being done by every member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the larger green building community around the world that believes in and supports our mission. In my new role as president and CEO of USGBC and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), I’ve pledged to all of you to further enhance our organizational capabilities; bring more people into our global movement; widen our sphere of influence; and to innovate beyond our wildest dreams.

USGBC is committed to investing in the future by developing the full potential of the diverse, committed, and passionate people who power our movement. Only by aspiring to organizational excellence and optimum efficiency across our movement will we be able to solve the challenges of tomorrow, writing a new story about people and their stewardship of the built and natural environment.

One of the best ways to achieve our lofty goals is to partner with other like-minded individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses to move the needle on sustainability across industries. Collaboration and innovation go hand-in-hand, and so many of USGBC’s strategic objectives for the coming years are anchored by the relationships we have developed and new partnerships we are seeking to cultivate.

Today, LEED is a full-scale global movement—growing in regions all over the world with more than 36,000 certified commercial projects, representing more than 5 billion square feet of certified space, and an additional 53,000-plus projects working toward certification. Every day, more than 1.85 million square feet of space certifies to LEED and more than 5 million people experience a LEED building. The international demand for LEED also continues to grow—LEED is currently in use in more than 160 countries and territories around the world.

USGBC is focused on developing critical partnerships aimed at expanding certification resources abroad, localizing customer service in several countries, and localizing LEED offerings. Greenbuild, like LEED, has become a global brand with shows in Latin America and Europe and expansion to India, China, and the Middle East in 2017, and beyond.

Our mantra is “Partnership is the new leadership.” We live and breathe this every day and will continue to partner with industry leaders to push for new and better ways to design, build, maintain, operate, and live in our buildings and communities.

Now is the time to show leadership by bringing people together and focusing on what unites us. In the face of challenges, collaboration allows people and organizations to cut through the noise, define direction, and to raise the bar for entire industries and nations.

In this issue of USGBC+, we are pleased to present compelling stories of partnership that clearly demonstrate that the work we do together has a much broader and deeper impact than the work we can do alone.


Mahesh Ramanujam