Product Innovation


Aquicore is a real-time energy management software, which allows companies to use energy data from multiple facilities to optimize their energy consumption, automate processes, and improve predictability and accountability on one centralized platform. Specializing in commercial real estate and industrial facilities, Aquicore provides complete transparency into energy consumption so portfolio owners, facility managers, and engineers can make data-driven decisions to continuously improve their facilities operations.


CarbonCure Ready Mixed Concrete

The CarbonCure Ready Mixed Concrete Technology recycles waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into concrete. The technology is used by concrete producers to make greener and stronger concrete. CO2 is collected from industrial emitters, and injected into concrete during mixing. The CO2 becomes permanently embedded within the concrete, thereby becoming “sequestered” within the concrete as a mineral. The benefits of incorporating CO2 into concrete are two-fold: (1) CO2 is chemically captured in the concrete, thereby reducing greenhouse gases, and
(2) the addition of CO2 can result in improved material properties of the concrete such as enhanced compressive strength.


Solispost and Solar Signs

Solar powered bollards, signs and displays that are long lasting, generate extensive light and are durable enough for a wide range of conditions. The leading solar product for the retail industry is Solispost. With its self-contained energy source, low installation cost and minimal maintenance requirements the Solispost bollard and Solis display case is designed to offer an economical sustainable lighting solution that can work in numerous applications.

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